Pray for One Another

Prayer requests

Those who are grieving the loss of a loved one: Beth Ortwine, Lindsay Kochan, the Duncan family, the niece of Joyce Black, Dave Priskorn, and Wanda Bailey at the loss of her sister, Vonda.

The family of Ray Miller who passed away on January 15.  Ray was a long time preacher at Parkside Church of Christ and many may remember him.

Those battling COVID and other illnesses.

Betsie Templeton asked for prayers for her mental health and severe depression as she would like to be able to get off of the medication she is taking. She also asked for prayers for the health of her young sons, Seth and Ethan.

New babies, Jackson, Vivian, and Lucas and their families.

Mike Spencer, battling cancer.

Yvonne Parish has entered hospice care at home. Keep Ed and Yvonne both in your prayers.

Doris Klein has been experiencing extreme leg pain and will have surgery on January 20th.

If you have a special prayer request or an update, please let us know!