Ministry is about more than serving the church.  It's about transforming lives one person at a time.  Sometimes you are  the one who is being ministered to and sometimes you are the one doing the serving for another. We believe you will experience spiritual transformation in either setting!  Come be a part of our ministries and grow in your relationship with God and others.  We believe through these opportunities you will gain the relevant skills to serve where God calls you to serve.

Children and Youth Ministry

Classes on Sunday Mornings

During the sermon, classes are available for children of all ages allowing them to learn about Jesus on their level while parents can focus and learn from the sermon without distractions.  

Classes on Wednesday Nights

We offer classes for children age 2 through high school. Classes are Bible based and age appropriate to teach the message of Christ, love, hope, joy and redemption.


Small Group Bible Studies

We love to study the bible!  One of the best ways to dig into God's Word and get to know each other better at the same time is through small group bible studies.  Why small groups?  Because they allow you to:

1. Develop close relationships with other Christians

2. Study the Bible as it applies to life

3. Grow in your spiritual journey

4. Pray and be prayed for at a personal level

5. Share your faith in a non threatening environment with others who may be seeking God.

If you are interested in joining a group, contact us today!

ESL Bible Studies

If you are interested in improving your English through Bible study and meaningful conversation, we have special studies for adult English language learners.  Currently, these study groups meet online  via Zoom.  

If you decide to be a part of our ESL Bible study, we hope your conversations will be rewarding, your life enriched, and your English language skills improved.  But our greater desire is that the sharing together will contribute to peace in your life, as well as peace in our community and world.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information on how to register.

Community Food Bank

We are pleased and honored to serve the community of South Lyon by providing food expressly supplied and donated by the members of our congregation.  Up to 30 families are supplied with food to help them get through the month for their family.  Food distribution is from the church building on the 3rd Friday of each month from 10:00 am-12:00 pm. (it is held on the 2nd Friday during the month of December)

Our community food bank is not government funded in any way and gives us the flexibility to meet people where they're at and to share the love of Christ.  Therefore, the only requirement to receive food from the distribution is to have a valid ID that shows you live in the South Lyon, Lyon Township, Salem Township, Brighton Township or Green Oak Township area.

Senior Adult Ministry

Our J.O.Y. Group consists of Just Older Youth--55 plus. The group meets together once a month for lunch and fellowship and is an important part of the congregation. As the builders of the church, they have a lot of wisdom and experience to share.  We also want to serve them by helping with needs they may have like rides to appointments or handy man jobs around the house, so this ministry is a good network for that.  In addition, we want to reach out to seniors in the community  by offering events to let them know we are here to help them with any needs they may have--physical and spiritual.

Growing Families Ministry

At South Lyon Church of Christ, we love our families and believe they are the backbone of any good church and strong community.  We also know this generation of young families is pulled in a million different directions as they navigate their way through this world trying to keep Christ in the center of their family.   It is our desire to help infuse our families with the love of Christ and help them experience growth in every aspect of their lives. We offer this support in several ways including Christian parenting classes and seminars, as well as fun activities where the whole family can come and grow in the joy of knowing Christ.