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I never had my parents change the locks on me at home, though it did happen to me once at a hotel in Baton Rouge. Louisiana. We checked in, unloaded the car, and then went to visit a family we knew in the area. When we came back a few hours later, our key card wouldn’t work. Ok, that happens, so I went down to the office to see about the problem and noticed something there. Behind the counter was one of our bags we had put in the room. This started to concern me a little bit so as I was asking about the key card not working, I also inquired about the bag behind the counter. A quick call to security revealed that though they had upgraded our room, the change was not passed along to security, hence they thought someone was in a room they shouldn’t be. Snagging our suitcase and changing the lock was a way to make sure we weren’t where we shouldn’t be. Needless to say the changing of the lock was a little distressing to me.

The political system we have in this country is pretty good, though some changes there would be less distressing to me. A few less negative commercials, politicians who actually follow through on what they say are a couple of changes I would enjoy. A politician who seems to remember they work for me and not the political party associated with their name would be a nice change, also. The problem is, it just seems like it would take too much effort to change the way things are done.

I guess you could probably apply this to many aspects of our lives and culture. For things to change it takes too much effort, we don’t want to be a boat rocker, we’re used to it the way it is, or apathy has set in. After all--will anything ever change? These are the roadblocks that keep things flowing along just the way they are, even if overcoming these would have a tremendous effect on others for good.

Jesus was all about change and He certainly changed the religious landscape. From an eternal standpoint it was great, from a earthly standpoint--well, it cost Him. We know the ultimate cost on the cross and the painful cost over the hours proceeding that, but there were other costs. Did He have a regular place to sleep? He was made fun of by His family. He could have had a cushy position in the synagogue and been well liked by the religious leaders of the day; but, instead He chose to put the effort in to be the change.

That effort is the most difficult part of change. To effectively make a difference in the lives of those around us, to be that light we are called to be, is hard at times. The biggest difficulty, I have come to believe over the years isn’t others, but myself. The effort, the time of examining of myself and what following Jesus is all about. Therefore, the change that needs to take place in the community where I live, in the body I am privileged to call family, starts with me. How can I change to enhance the change that Jesus was all about-- man’s reconciliation with our Heavenly Father?

It was somewhat disturbing and a little uncomfortable when the lock on my hotel room had been changed. Examining the situation helped me see and understand. But if you look back at the reason for the uncomfortable change, it was an upgrade. Our room had been upgraded. Hmm. . .I think I can handle the difficult changes I need to make in my physical life considering the tremendous upgrade I have received in my spiritual life. How about you?

Grateful for the upgrade,



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