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1 Equals 2

I loved my high school math classes. Maybe because I like math so much and maybe because all my teachers were great. One of my teachers had all kinds of math facts and puzzles on his bulletin board to try and get us to think math. There was one puzzle I specifically remember because it showed that one equals two. I have it listed below:

Now we know two doesn’t equal one, but the above explanation sounds fine. All the right steps seem to be followed. What it shows us is that just because something sounds fine, doesn’t mean it is always correct.

In the world we live in, some things sound just too good to be true. We get these messages in the mail, see them on TV or read them on the internet. Upon closer inspection we realize there are some flaws in the fine sounding sales pitch.

Now I am not saying that you will hear some things when it comes to religion as a sales pitch, but sometimes what we hear, well just isn’t quite true. It may come with some fine sounding arguments, but still doesn’t hold up. These fine sounding arguments aren’t new. They have been around for 2,000 years.

In Colossians 2:4-12, Paul warns the brothers and sisters in Colossae about fine sounding arguments that aren’t in line with God’s word. Stay in God’s word, read it, examine it because many in the past have been led astray by fine sounding arguments from man, and many still are today! Do you know what God’s word really says and not just what sounds good in the moment? If not, we too can be led astray. And that phrase “led astray”, may not sound that ominous until you realize it means led astray, away from God and therefore away from eternity in Heaven.

Paul warned those in Colossae--and now us-- to know God’s word.

Now we know that one does not equal two, can you find the flaw in the proof above? If you figure it out let me know. If you can’t find it but really want to know where the flaw is, I will show you!

Calculating God’s Ways,



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