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  What to Expect  

Unfamiliar places, people, and practices can be intimidating, so we want to tell you what you can expect when you visit our church.  

PRAYER:  Usually there are several prayers during our gathering time.  While one person may verbalize the prayer, it is an opportunity for each person to say "amen" in agreement or silently offer a personal prayer to God.  If you have a prayer request, we are happy to bring that before God--either publicly during our time together or we can privately pray for you or with you during the week. 

SINGING:  We love to sing to God!  We invite you to join in the beautiful harmony of

a cappella singing.  God is pleased to hear our singing, just as a parent finds joy in hearing the sound of their child's voice.  

COMMUNION:  Communion is a memorial authorized by Jesus Himself.  It is a time for us to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for our forgiveness of sin and is for people who never want to forget what this beautiful sacrifice means in their life.  You are welcome to join us in this memorial, but please do not feel pressured to participate.


BIBLE MESSAGE:  Our preaching minister will offer a 20-30 minute lesson from God's word that is interesting and challenging.  You will notice he is not wearing a special robe and will not be called "Reverend".  While we respect him, we just call him by his first name. And while we appreciate his work, we believe that all members are equal and have personal access to God.  These lessons encourage us to honor God by conforming our lives to the Truth found in the bible.

When you visit we believe you will find something here that is unique.  You will sense God's presence and experience the genuine love of His people.  We hope you will be glad you came and will want to come again.  Come visit us!  We are waiting to meet you!

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