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Youth & Families

Youth Ministry

In addition to Sunday morning Bible classes, our youth get together for fun times together during the year.

One of our big yearly events is Winterfest, a conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that is attended by hundreds of young people from across the country.  It is always a fun trip together and never fails to inspire our youth to be more committed in their love and service to Jesus!

Children's Ministry

Classes on Sunday Mornings

During the sermon, classes are available for children of all ages allowing them to learn about Jesus on their level while parents can focus and learn from the sermon without distractions.  

Cradle Roll--6 months-2/3 years

Preschool--Ages 2/3-5

Grade School--Grades 1-5

Middle School and High School

NOTE:  We are very flexible with selecting classes for children based on their maturity and school experience, especially those ages that may be on the border of these classes. We can help you find the perfect learning environment for your child!

Growing Families Ministry

At South Lyon Church of Christ, we love our families and believe they are the backbone of any good church and strong community.  We also know this generation of young families is pulled in a million different directions as they navigate their way through this world trying to keep Christ in the center of their family.   It is our desire to help infuse our families with the love of Christ and help them experience growth in every aspect of their lives. We offer this support in several ways including Christian parenting classes and seminars, as well as fun activities where the whole family can come and grow in the joy of knowing Christ.  

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