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1924 Broadway

I wonder if someone inside this address in Lubbock, Texas was praying for me. If it would have been prior to early September 1982, they could have been praying for me, but it wouldn’t have been by name. After that, it could have been by name.

But was there someone there praying for me? The address is for the Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas, the congregation that sponsored the campus ministry a few blocks down Broadway Street toward the Texas Tech campus. Was there someone who attended services at this location praying for me?

What about those who meet on Sunday mornings at 21860 Pontiac Trail in South Lyon, Michigan. Are they praying for someone like me? Someone who is searching to know God better. Someone whose heart is ready to open His word to know what it says. Are they praying for someone, they may not even know by name, who hasn’t seen God’s love yet. Maybe someone who has lost hope? Are the Christians that gather on Pontiac Trail praying for someone like me?

As we start our second week of seven weeks of prayer, we turn our focus from those who meet inside the building across from Tim Horton’s to those who don’t. Take this week and pray for seven individuals who don’t know of God’s love, or maybe have heard of it but never experienced it. Maybe it is someone who is wanting to sit down and know what God’s word says. It could be a friend, possibly someone at work. It could be a neighbor or even a family member. Who are the seven people that you are going to pray for this week? Maybe you are praying for someone you haven’t even met yet. God works through prayer.

As I laid out in last week’s sermon, we will be taking the next seven weeks to pray. Pray because we know the power to change lives lies with God. Praying because though we may have what we feel is a good way to go forward, God may have a better one. Praying because as we go forward we don’t want to leave God behind, but have Him lead us.

I am excited as we start this second week of prayer. What lives can be changed? What events can be set in motion? What tremendous things can happen because a group of people was willing to take the time and pray? Yeah, we will need to follow up the prayer with action, but the starting point, the place where it all begins is when we humbly go before God trusting in His way, His power, and His plan. Wow, what can happen when we lift those prayers to the heavens!

Nearly forty years ago someone was praying for this college guy. A young guy who walked into the student center of the church located at 1924 Broadway. A guy whose life was changed forever as he walks this earth and more importantly when his walk on this earth is done. Who will you pray for?

Grateful they prayed,



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