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Daylight savings time has received a lot of attention these past couple of weeks; from the setting of the many clocks ahead to people being tired after losing that hour of sleep. About this time of year our politicians again bring up the question of do we keep it, scrap it, or go to permanent savings time-- which is just kind of weird if you think of it. It’s not "savings time" then, but a change in the concept of the time zones. As I said, in the spring and then again in the fall, time gets a lot of attention.

The time zones were somewhat tricky when we lived in Champaign, Illinois. We were about thirty minutes from the Indiana/Illinois state line. Not a big deal--we cross state lines all the time. When we go down to watch our Tennessee grandkids next month, we will cross a few state lines including that “state to the south.” Now the Illinois/Indiana line was a little more significant because it was also a time zone line, from eastern time in Indiana to central in Illinois.

I remember bringing a van full of teens back across that line one day. They all had their phones out to see when and whose phone would be the first to change time as we crossed into the new time zone! They had fun. There was one problem we had and it was with trips to the Indianapolis airport. You see, Indiana did not change to daylight savings time then, so you had to remember what time of year it was and figure out what time it was there. Was my flight leaving an hour earlier than my local time or the same? Similarly, when picking someone up at the airport, you didn’t want them sitting there for an hour. So, we had to think, EST, EDT, CST or CDT, and figure out what time it was.

Well, what I have learned over the years didn’t help when traveling to the airport, but did help with traveling through life. The letters that are always at the forefront of my time are CST. Now you may think that stands for Central Standard Time, and it can; but, for followers of Christ it is Christian Savings Time. As Christians, we have been saved and it’s time to tell others!

As we go forward this spring enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the evening. Also enjoy the life that you have in Christ because of His sacrifice. Then take the time to share that salvation with others.

On the right time,



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