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Have you ever had a discussion with someone about directions, or the best way to get some place?  Or maybe you have taken it a step farther and had a discussion in the past with the Garmin that was perched on your dashboard, or more recently the directions given from your phone. OK, so maybe you haven’t-- but I have.  And I humbly must say that when I do have the discussion (unfortunately at times out loud) I am usually right, but I don’t need to go there.  When we discuss how to get somewhere we are usually following something.  Maybe our experiences, maybe someone right in front of us, or maybe what our phone is telling us.  But directions are an important aspect of getting somewhere.

In the distant past if you were traveling you would have a guide, someone who had passed that way before.  Or you may have navigated at night by the stars.  There was one particular time, that we associated with this time of year, when it wasn’t the stars that led some men, but a single star.  We often refer to them as the Magi, though astrologers would be a more fitting description of these men.  Where these men were from we don’t know, some say Babylon (modern day Iraq), some say farther east, but what we do know is they were willing to follow.

These men, not knowing where they would end up, were willing to follow.  We are not sure how long their journey was or what route brought them to the house where Jesus was living with his parents. What they did know is that at the end of their journey, they would be in the presence of the King whom they were told about.  So even though there were many unknowns, the known kept them following the directions of the star.

What about us, are we willing to follow?  By knowing what is at the end, being in the presence of the King are we willing to follow the GPS (God’s Plan for Servants).  We are called to go, to leave the old life behind, the life where we called the shots, to travel a road that we may not have traveled before.  We are called to trust when we feel one way, but God’s word tells us something else.  We are called to willingly be immersed in water to have our sins forgiven, when the world tells us to just live a good life.  Are we willing to follow?

The Magi didn’t know where they would end up, but they did know what they were following.  We don’t know where we will always end up, but we can be confident we will end up in the right place when we follow God’s word.  The new year is coming-- a great time to start, or renew a commitment to know, not what the world tells us God desires, but what His word says.  I have several ways to help you be devoted to regularly reading the Bible.  If you want some guidance or a schedule let me know.  GPS is a great thing. . .if we use it.

Being guided by God, Randy Schilling


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