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Except for the times it is associated with first, one gets a bad rap. And even being associated with first isn’t always great. I would much rather have the winning run on third base instead of on first base late in the game. When it comes to the NCAA basketball tournament, the first four may sound good; but really they are the last teams to make it into the tournament and must play the first four games, or “play in” games as they are also called. Being in the final four is much more desirable. So even being associated with first, doesn’t make one always great.

When it comes to songs, one is not that great either. Countless country western songs lament about being all alone, because you have been dumped or cheated on. Alone is just another way of saying being just one. The kid’s song, “The Farmer in the Dell” has the farmer taking a wife, who then takes a child, who then takes a nurse, continuing on until the cheese stands alone. (This cheese is crying in the Youtube video I came across when looking for these lyrics.) Three Dog Night has a song titled “One” which tells us that one is the loneliest number that there ever was. Most songs aren’t singing the praises of the lonely number one.

To an extent, the Bible concurs with these songs. Right off the bat we are told that it isn’t good for man to be alone. Genesis 2:18 tells us this and a suitable helper is brought into Adam’s life. Ecclesiastes 4:9 informs us that two are better than one. On two different occasions (John 8:16 and 13:31) Jesus lets us know that He is not alone, but the Father is with Him. And we know that Jesus, when sending out the twelve, send them in pairs, as we read in Mark 6:7. So most sources point to the fact that one is not the best.

I would like to, however, defend one. Think about what it would be like as we enter 2022 if you have helped one person get closer to God. Maybe it is someone who has drifted away from that relationship. It could be one person who is going through difficulties and struggling with their relationship with our Heavenly Father. Then there are those, like I was, who were trying to follow God, but didn’t have a good understanding of what God’s word really said. Maybe it is someone that has not seen the love of God and just needs someone to show them. Helping that one is a good thing.

Tell One More is our theme for 2021, and it starts with one. That one is you! Start praying for God to use you. Pray for an individual who you want to help know God better. Pray that God will put you in that one person’s life. Pray that you will be committed enough to talk to that one person when God gives you the opportunity. Pray that a year from now you will be encouraging that one person to in turn, pray for, love, serve, and yes. . . tell one more.

One at a time,



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