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Mother’s Day weekend is like no other. The Saturday and Sunday of that weekend are the two busiest days of the year for restaurants with an increase of around 60% in customers and revenues up for some by 70% over the average day for the rest of the year. Now this doesn’t apply to all places. Burger places along with pizza and burritos places don’t see the increase and some even experience a decrease in revenues. But you could kinda see that. “Hey mom”, or “sweetheart” where do you want to go eat for Mother’s Day? Not really expecting a “let’s go get a burrito”, to be the reply. So this weekend is a bonanza for restaurants.

This year will be a little different. Yes, you can still get the carry out from most of your favorite restaurants. They may even be running some specials to get you to get carry out from their place. But it won’t be quite the same. The food will come home in a cardboard or styrofoam container, carried in a plastic bag. Quite a let down from a nice plate brought to your table on a tray carried by a server. “Watch it, this may be hot”, won’t be heard. Nor will “I’m going to put some cheese on this, tell me when to stop”. Most likely won’t hear “do you need a refill” or “how about some dessert”. So the food could be the same, but the ambience will be quite different.

So if it’s going to be different, let’s make it different! Rent a hot air balloon. Oh, probably can’t do that, hard to do that whole social distance thingy in those small baskets. Maybe a horse drawn carriage? Those probably aren’t running either. Serenade her from the rooftop of your home. Ah, probably not a good thing for 90% of us. Plus there is the risk of having the police called, not for lack of social distancing, there would probably be plenty of that, but for disturbing the peace. Maybe bath the dog with her. Yea, don’t know where that one came from, but pretty sure we can toss that out. But we can make it special.

What about something a little, no way, out there. Sit her down, take her hands, or have the family circle up all holding hands and pray for mom! I told you it would be a little different than normal. Now I am not saying, for you guys that are thinking it, hey a cheap way out, I don’t have to pay for a meal. No, still enjoy the take out meal from her favorite restaurant. But what about adding something that says how important she is to you and your family. By praying with her and for her on this day we honor her. It would be a little different.

If we claim to be different, we need to be different. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the amenities of the world we live in. But realize all these amenities, all of these restaurants will pass away, the spiritual is what will carry on. Let’s be His people in this world. Let’s be His people this weekend. Let’s be His people for mom. Guys, it is time to step up, and be different. Let’s make this a Mother’s Day like no other!

Praying with my children’s mother,



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