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And the winner is...

Well, at the time of writing this, we don’t know for sure. But then again, we do. No, it is not the Republican party and their list of candidates, nor is it the list the Democratic party put forth. Yes, you could make a case for who won the White House or what kept a majority of one of the branches of our legislature, and you wouldn’t be incorrect. There will be celebrating, as well as questioning how things could have been done differently. But with all of this--there is a clear winner.

That clear winner is us, and our democracy. But what if those I voted for didn’t win? What if the policies I feel strongly about won’t be upheld? I won’t say these things don’t matter, but we all won because of the numbers. More than 160 million individuals turned out to vote this past week. That number broke a record that has stood for over 100 years. So yeah, the winner was us: our democracy and what we believe in as a nation. A representative government was represented by a record number of voters.

Why did so many people vote ? Some most likely because they liked one of the candidates. Others may have voted for just the opposite reason, they disliked one of the candidates and wanted to make sure that one did not win. Still others may have been issue voters, going more for the platform of a party or person, rather than just liking the person. Regardless, people were energized during this election and did something about it.

Think what could happen with that energy if manifested in the spiritual realm. If we were so energized because of the person, yes He did walk on this earth as each of us do, who hung on that cross. If we were so caught up in what He was all about that we couldn’t help but go out and “vote for Him”, by sharing the message that He brought. Or maybe it is an issue we feel strongly about: those around us may be heading to hell if they don’t understand the love and salvation He brought. Our battle, our realm as Christians isn’t for Washington DC, but eternity.

Now back to the “H” word I just used. Yeah, Satan really doesn’t want us to use that or talk about that because it sounds so judgmental and awful. Well, if you tell someone they are going to hell, I would have to agree. But if you are mindful of the reality of hell enough to care, then it becomes about love. Caring enough to be involved to know where a person is in their walk with God, and helping them go forward. Satan doesn’t want us to be mindful, because if we are he loses.

My prayer is that we as followers of Christ will get as energized as people in our country did this past week, to stand up and vote for God. Maybe not with a flag on our car, or a sign in our yard, the shirt that we wear, but with a kind word and an invitation to walk more closely with God. Because when we are energized, when we are involved then the winner is. . . Christ.

Voting with my life,



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