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At a Football Game

Though I have my strong--and in my opinion, correct--political views, I really try to keep them separate from my Christian views. This is a little more difficult when it comes to dealing with society, the place where we live our lives. I am not saying I always handle this topic correctly, but I try. Regardless, it is important to make sure how we live our lives in the society we live in, enhances the kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

There was a great example of this in the news a couple of weeks ago, though it was interesting how something like this even made the news. Former President Bush was a guest at a Dallas Cowboys’ game and the camera caught him enjoying himself with the person to his left. As a matter of fact they seemed to be enjoying the time together, though we don’t know if the positive expressions on their faces were the result of a play that happened on the field, or just the conversation they were having. Regardless something that really didn’t seem to be newsworthy suddenly was.

Now if you are familiar with the situation you know I am talking about President Bush who was there with his wife and the person he seemed to be enjoying a conversation with was Ellen DeGeneres who was there with her wife. Yes, she lives a different lifestyle than what I am led to believe would fit with President Bush’s Christian views. And yet here they were enjoying a football game, and a conversation together. At least that’s what the ensuing Twitter explosion would indicate.

Jesus gave us examples of living in this world without condemning those we come in contact with. Remember the woman caught in adultery? No, Jesus did not say “Oh, it’s ok, this just seemed to be a trap and you were set up.” He also didn’t toss the first stone, which He could have condemning her for the lifestyle she lived (John 8:1-11). There was also the rich young man who didn’t want to give up his money and the power that comes with that, walking away when asked to follow Jesus. Though the account of this encounter is in multiple gospels, I like what Mark brings out, stating that Jesus “looked at him and loved him”, as he walked away (Mark 10:21). There was no condemnation of the man or where he was, only a desire for him to be closer to God. Jesus was very committed to His Heavenly Father and what was right, while still showing love to those He came to save.

I am not saying that we should overlook sin in the world or the lifestyles that go against our Heavenly Father. If we lose our contact with God or His word, we have lost our way. What we have to make sure we do is keep in mind people, because isn’t that what it is all about? We live in a country that allows us to freely express what we believe. We also live in a kingdom that is much greater than the country we live in. Remembering this helps us focus not on a person’s lifestyle, but the Life given for that person. I will gladly keep my views to myself, but I will not keep God’s grace to myself.

Remembering what’s important,



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