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Effects of Weather

It is hard to believe that as we turn the corner on the week and head into Monday, we may see the temperature soar to 50 degrees. This is just a few days after setting record low temperatures, some of them dating back over a hundred years. But that is how it goes at times oscillating back and forth. The weather changes at times, from starting last week with several inches of snow to beautiful clear skies a couple of days later.

Though he doesn’t specifically mention weather, Paul does warn us of shifting back and forth by the waves (Ephesians 4:14). Now waves are not exactly weather, but it is the weather that does cause the waves. The wind blows over the top of the water, friction caused by this action pulls the water along creating waves (sorry to go all meteorological nerd on you there for a second). This warning in Ephesians encourages us to be mature and not be tossed back and forth by every fine sounding argument and cunning scheme of man.

Paul tells us to be aware of the fine-sounding arguments of man that can cause us to be deceived (Colossians 2:4). I will say as man, we can come up with some pretty good arguments when it comes to having things done our way. Or maybe we use someone else’s words to apply to what we want and if we are not careful, we fall into what seems so good.

So how do we know if a new fad or style that comes along is good or just the latest “fine sounding scheme” man has invented? The same way we do when it comes to traditions-- be in God’s word. We have spent the past couple of weeks in this space talking about traditions and we need to; however, we need to make sure that when we go forward it is for the right reasons and more importantly, with the blessing of God. That blessing comes from knowing what His word says, which comes by being in His word continually. Daily? That is great, but at the very least a few times a week read His word.

So I am going to challenge you to be into the Bible as you go forward, and use weather as a reminder. As you notice the changes in weather this month, think about God’s word which does not change-- have you been reading it?

Watching the Weather,



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