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We are in a nationalistic phase of our calendar. This past Monday was Memorial Day where we remember those who have given their lives for us to have the freedoms we have. In another month we will celebrate Independence Day, the day that our forefathers declared their independence from English rule. It was the start of our “self-rule on the other side of the pond” in the words of our friends from whom we declared independence. Both of these celebrations are marked with red, white and blue, picnics, cookouts and times to be with family.

Sure, there are other holidays that we celebrate in this country, some even dealing with the nationalistic fervor that we have. We have days celebrating men who helped secure freedoms, presidents, and even preachers. We have Constitution Day in September. There is Veteran’s Day in November and our newest day, Patriot’s Day on 9/11. The one other day that is somewhat lost but also deals with the red, white and blue is Flag Day, which falls about half way between Memorial Day and Independence Day, on June 14th.

Though not perfect, I think we can be happy and rejoice in what we have in this country. To show how we have a desirable place to live, we just need to look at our immigration stats. Over the past 30 years, we have averaged around one million permanent residents in the US with over 800,000 becoming citizens each year. And that is the legal side of things. In 2021, over a million illegal immigrants came into our country, giving an estimate of over 11 million believed to be here. Again, not a perfect place, but a place where many would love to live.

If it was only like that with the church. Think about what it would be like to have to place guards at our doors on Sunday morning to keep people from wanting to be part of the church. Imagine people we know calling us up and pleading with us to bring them to church on a Sunday, kind of like their sponsor to get them in.

Maybe the reason it’s not like this, is because we haven’t been good at selling what we have. You know, some who claim to follow Christ just aren’t the best poster child for Christianity. Maybe we aren’t excited enough about what we have. Maybe it is too “boxed in”, you know, if you don’t fit into this type of box then-- sorry you are not wanted. These are all things we can work on.

But we have to start someplace and that is on our knees. Over the next 30 days (between these two big days of celebration in the US) let’s pray to be what we need to be so that people will come to know of God’s love. We will be talking more about this on Sunday. If you miss the sermon this week and the details about this, you can always catch it on our YouTube channel through our web page.

So, over the next few weeks enjoy the privileges that we have in this country, remembering those who helped us in the past. And remember the one Who gave His life, so we could have something far greater than this country, waiting for us eternally.

Glad to be Free,



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