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Walking Around

I like to walk. Not sure if it is just in my nature or if it developed because my dad used to walk a lot and I would go on walks with him. My legs were somewhat shorter than his and with the pace he kept, at times it was more of a run than a walk for me. Regardless, this activity has carried over to my adult life. If I need to take a beak or to clear my head, I go for a walk.

Having one of those moments come up while I was at the church building this week pushed me out the door and I walked around the property the body here owns. It is quite a good piece of land. As I walked around it, I envisioned what has taken place here in the past and thought ahead to what could take place here in the future.

And I started to DREAM!

That is the first step of us as a body going forward, dreaming about what God can accomplish through us. I encourage you to dream about the body here and what God can accomplish through this "called out" group of people who come together at 21860 Pontiac Trail in South Lyon, Michigan.

Then you have to DO!

That can be the hard part. We want things done. We have a vision, a dream of what can happen, but why won't they do it? Maybe because the manpower to do it is you. Roll up the sleeves, and get someone to help you do it. It may be doing something physical around the building or visiting someone outside of our property. Grab someone and do it. Your dream may be more along the line of a spiritual dream or outreach to others. Grab someone, pray together and then do it. Notice the common theme. . . do.

And we have to stay DEVOTED!

This can be even harder than the doing. We are excited at first when we undertake something. But time, energy, and others who may be faultfinders just take the wind out of your sails and before you know it, the dream falls by the wayside and you just stop doing. Don’t let that happen! Stay devoted, get someone to pray about it with you, to hold you accountable when you want to give up.

So what are you going to dream about? That person who you know who has never come to services? That project you think will encourage others at the building? Maybe it is putting together a committee to see who hasn’t been around lately and visiting them or making cards to send them. Possibly a phone call or a visit with cookies in hand.

I don’t know what your dream is for what God has given us here, but don’t let it die, and don’t put it off on someone else to do it. Do it. Surround yourself with brothers and sisters to encourage you as you go forward, or to help you. Both will help you stay devoted when it gets hard or Satan tries to talk you out of it.

Enjoying my walks,



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