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Although I’ve only been to one co-ed bridal shower, I know this is something that's done at these types of events. When you’re attending a baby shower or bridal shower, you may be told to look under your plate to see if you have a sticker, or maybe under your cup. If you do have the special sticker you get a prize. The only shower I was at didn’t have this game. It was a co-ed wedding shower where Mark the Roofer assisted his wife who sold Pampered Chef. He definitely missed his calling as a comedic sidekick.

I don’t know if those who attend showers come to expect this. Do you casually look under all the paper plates to see if there is a sticker? Or maybe accidentally drop them so as you are picking them up you can see which one has the sticker? Or do you just happen to turn over the cups to see if one of them has a sticker or maybe a mark on it? Do you go to showers expecting something underneath?

Then there is the social dilemma that arises. If you find it, do you keep it? Do you secretly act surprised when they say to turn the plates over? Or do you maybe get a cup of punch and notice the sticker and then give it to someone else who you think would really enjoy it? Yeah, I wouldn’t do good at these games, because my brain is always going, and usually in a direction that very few can follow.

The closest to something like this I was at was an event for my best friend from high school when he got married. Though it wasn’t a shower; it was a card-playing night. We were playing a little bit more than penny anti poker and I was doing pretty good. It had to be my lucky night because a “poker face” I don’t have. I was up maybe twenty, thirty, or forty dollars. It was getting near the end and I decided to bow out of the game and enjoy my good fortune. It was then that it was revealed to me that the groom was supposed to win. And if he didn’t, well everyone was to donate their winnings to him. No one had told me this ahead of time, and I was somewhat bummed. But I kept playing and went home ten or twenty dollars lighter than when I arrived.

The idea is that when you go to these things it is for others. As is the case with the showers there was an unexpected blessing when you got there. Now in the case of us coming in on a Sunday morning, the blessing might not be obvious when you first chose where to sit down. It may not be seen when you chose to sit by that person you don’t know very well or that visitor you’ve never met before. You may not notice the blessing at first; it may be a little deeper--underneath if you will. As you sit and talk, and maybe even get out of your comfort zone a bit, you are trying to be a blessing to someone else. But when you look underneath, the deep down blessing may be for you. So be it in the auditorium or out in the street, let’s be that blessing because you never know what is going to be underneath.

Wondering what’s under,


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