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Jah or Sha x2

As mentioned in the previous article Elisha was an understudy to Elijah (1Kings 19:19). He was called to follow by Elijah and then he did. And then we don’t hear much about him again until Elijah is taken up into heaven at the start of what we know of as Second Kings (2Kings 2:1). The understudy is about to become the main character, if you will.

Elisha is told by Elijah to NOT continue to follow him as it comes time for God to take Elijah from this earth. But he refuses to accept this not once but three different times. And in between each of these discussions, prophets from different towns they pass through come and tell Elisha that his master is about to be taken away from him. Elisha does not want to hear of it and tells the prophets just that. Elisha refused to leave the side of Elijah.

This refusal is the first lesson we learn from Elisha as God’s word transitions from Elijah to Elisha. He is persistent, though he could have stayed back and what would appear to be an easier way, he chooses not to. Persistence seems to be an important aspect to those who would choose to follow God and His ways. Luke tells us of Jesus’ encounter with a widow who he refers to as ‘persistent’ (Luke 18:1-8). In the case with the widow, Jesus associates it with the idea of faith.

At times, our faith can be rocked, but do we have the fortitude to continue to more forward? With Elijah it would appear to be the relationship with his master, as the prophets call Elijah, to continue on. For us there are times when difficultly of this life can cause us problems and even have a tendency to shake our faith. But it is that relationship with our master, in this case Jesus, that can help us through them and enable us to go on. Persistence to believe even when the situation is not what we would want or expect.

The persistence is actually the easy lesson we see in this situation. After staying close, Elisha is asked what he wants. “It is a difficult thing you want,” Elijah tells him as he asks for a double portion of the spirit (2Kings 2:9-10). Ever think about what we ask God for? Usually, it is to help us through a difficult time, maybe for the health of a loved one. Often times it is for things to be better on this earth. Elisha asks

s for a double portion of the Spirit, in other words I want to be able to serve you better. A difficult thing Elijah tells him.

So as Elijah is taken up to heaven, in Elisha we see a persistence and a desire to be more of a servant for God. Good things for us to think about, pray about and meditate on as we travel through this would, not with Elijah, but with the one that came to give us eternal life.

Wanting a double portion?



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