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Journey to 21860

Our theme and our focus for 2022 has been “The Journey.” We chose this theme to represent the journey we are all on as we move closer to Christ. Each of us is at a different point on this journey, but we are united on the same path and walking toward the same destination—Heaven.

In this journey series, we questioned someone who just this summer started attending with us. We asked Kim Debord how she and her family discovered the church that meets at 21860 Pontiac Trail and why they decided to become a part of the family. Here is her reply:

Andrea [Kim’s daughter] and I had been looking for a church to worship in for a while. We were out one day and drove by the church building, so we went home and researched it online and decided we needed to try the Church of Christ.

We are so happy we did.😇

We had tried some other churches in town but none of them felt like home. Everyone was nice at the other churches, they just didn't give us the vibe that it was the right place. When we came into the Church of Christ, however, we were treated like family with warm smiles and warm greetings. We felt welcomed by all; it felt like we had been there all along.

When asked what they —Kim, Andrea, and Kim’s mother, Jackie—liked best about meeting with us, she answered for the family:

We cannot just pick one thing! We love the warm inviting atmosphere and that you can come and worship just as you are. Randy's sermons are easy to connect with

life and always have a little humor. We love that.

Kim ended with words that should resonate with all of us who are on this journey toward Heaven, no matter where we are on that journey: We are at the beginning of our journeys and we feel this is the place for our family to grow spiritually! And Andrea agreed by saying: My husband and I feel like this is the place we want our kids to grow up and to continue our journey as a family. We are very blessed we were led here and are excited about the future!

What a great reminder that the church is a safe place for us to feel accepted, welcomed, and challenged to grow spiritually. A nice “home away from home” until we are welcomed into Heaven!


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