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Loved and Prayed For

Ever have a bad day at work? Maybe you just got up on the wrong side of the bed, especially difficult if it is the side toward the wall. Maybe traffic was bad or someone cut you off. The best parking spots were all taken and the walk across the lot normally isn’t too bad, but then it isn’t always raining cats and dogs. A boss unloads on you over something that isn’t that big of a deal. Maybe a coworker talks about you around the Keurig. A file you have been working on for weeks accidentally gets deleted. The printer is out of paper. . . and then ink. I think you get the picture that I am trying to paint. It is not a good day.

But in the midst of all of this a slight smile appears on your face. After a few more seconds it is a full blown smile from ear to ear. What has happened? You remember that Wanda has said she would be praying for you at work. Your first thought may be well, Wanda needs to pray a little harder, but that is followed by a gratefulness that she cares enough to remember you. Then you think about what it is all about, how this life is temporary and you are loved enough by Wanda that she prays for you. And that reminds you of how much you are loved by God, and then that smile starts to appear.

We all like, or should I say love, to be loved. The feeling that someone cares about you, is there for you, even though they may be miles away. The understanding that in a particular moment you may feel alone, but you are not. To be cared about, to be loved is what following Christ is all about. It started when God allowed His Son to come to this earth, and was proven as He gave permission for the nails to pierce His hands and feet. That love continues today, not only from Heaven but through each one of us. It is great to be loved.

Our kids learn from us whether we want them to or not--partially by what we teach them and more importantly by what we show them. We want our kids to learn that they are loved by God, and loved by us. We want them to understand the importance of prayer and that relationship with God. The need to be there for each other and praying for each other.

This summer, you have a chance for the kids here to learn from you.

While everyone is taking a break from school, let's keep school in our prayers. It's summer, and one is really thinking about the classroom. Let's start covering those classrooms in prayer. Let the kids know they are important enough for us to start praying right now.

Pray for the kids, pray for their teachers, the administrators, their classmates. Sit at home and pray, go to the school and sit in the parking lot and pray, or walk around the school and pray. Fill this summer with prayers for the schools and more importantly for the next generation of servants of our Heavenly Father. The kids are watching, let’s show them the love we have come to understand and appreciate.

Praying for School this Summer,



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