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My Journey to God

On May 13th 2009 I started my Christian journey. From when I was a baby until I was about five I went to Garden City Church of Christ. I remember all of the songs and the potlucks, playing hide and seek in the dark auditorium, memorizing bible verses and dressing nice in my Sunday school dress, but I hadn’t yet found my own connection with God.

When I was six our family moved to Brighton and we went to South Lyon. I remember singing and trying to copy Lisa Chambers (a very talented singer). I remember really wanting to take communion just because I really liked grape juice, there, obviously I was not connected with God yet. Then in forth grade our family took a vacation to Africa. We stayed with a missionary named Carla Dean. She had made a local church for the people in town. We went and visited one day and it was an amazing experience. There were three girls about my age, they were kind and funny, we explored and played together. I could feel the presence of God there, but I don’t know if that was really when I made my connection with God.

Even though I may have connected with God a little bit prior to this, Pine Hills camp was a breakthrough for me. At camp the sermons were amazing, the songs were amazing and the people were amazing, and most importantly God was amazing. He was there at the camp for every second watching over me and being with my cabin the whole week. It was there that I made my connection with God.

At Winterfest I realized I believed. I believed Jesus is the Son of God, that God was the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Why not devote my life to him and all of his greatness? And while my journey with God is nowhere near completed, I believe I have a good start.

Because he loves,

Adeline Jones


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