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Okay. I have already lost some of you. Just the thought of numbers and you are done. Others may find it more intriguing--how they all fit together, how the world we live in is in so many ways reduced to equations and the numbers associated with them. Regardless how you feel about numbers, they are all around us and we can’t escape them.

A trip to the grocery store brings about numbers. It may be if you buy ten of some items you get the eleventh one free. Maybe it is the number associated with the cost as in “What? I can’t believe it costs that much!” Sometimes they present themselves when we go to check out: how many items you have or, this is a twelve item or less line and I count at least fourteen items in that person’s basket. It could be driving to the store and there are those numbers on signs along the road that I’m not really sure what they mean because nobody goes that slow. Then there is the stop to gas up after buying the groceries. Ouch, that is a painful one. So be it the grocery store, another store or numerous places, you just can’t get away from numbers.

Our calendar is filled with numbers, some more prominent than others. Tomorrow is Independence Day, more commonly referred to as The 4th. Everyone knows what the 14th of February is and if not, you will be reminded. January 1st is a holiday, as is the 4th Thursday in November. And we will never forget the more recent number that sticks with us, 9-11; nothing more needs to be said. Some of these numbers, are dates for us to remember, others are for us to celebrate.

We can’t even get away from numbers when it comes to the scriptures. Most Christians can tell you the number of years the Israelites wandered in the desert. We know how many were baptized on the day of Pentecost in Acts, Chapter Two or how many days it rained on Noah when he was in the ark. You probably know the number of tribes of Israel, which is the same as the number of apostles of Jesus. And almost everyone can tell you how many days Jesus lay in the tomb after His death. The scriptures are filled with numbers and the fourth book of the Old Testament is even called just that: Numbers.

But the number that matters the most is one. One Savior, giving His one life, one time, to forever take away my sins. The most important number of all. So on this fourth day of July, Independence Day, remember the one death that brought us freedom, independence from the penalty of our sins. Celebrate with our country as we remember the freedoms we have in the USA; but, also celebrate by stopping and saying a prayer for the true freedom we have in Christ.

Celebrating Freedom,



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