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Out With the Old

I had some time this week to sort through the A/V closet with Tom and Bryson. It was amazing how many things were in that room that is approximately six by six. There were enough items in there to fill the top of three of our white folding tables, plus the floor beneath, plus items stacked at the end. You can see from the picture that there was a lot of items that we sorted through.

Some of the items may prove to be useful. Anyone who has been at services lately is aware that the mic used by the speaker cuts in and out at times. Well, we found a box that looks like it may be replacement cables for it that will hopefully rectify the problem. There were some flashlights, they may come in handy sometime along with several cords that we may use to connect electronics together. So, some useful items there.

But along with the useful items there were. . .well. . . . There was a box of 75 premium 92 minute long cassette tapes—now to be fair, there was also a dual cassette player/recorder to duplicate tapes. There were different empty boxes, some to items we probably still have, some to items that are long since tossed. And then there were the three sound boards that we last used, I’m not sure when. So it was a good activity to go through and keep things that would be useful and toss those that were junk.

As we were doing this and with the new year upon us, it made me think about the storage in my life, specifically in my Christian life. How many things, ways, ideas am I carrying around, storing in my life that are just taking up space. Sometimes as individuals and as a congregation we need to evaluate what we are doing and why we are doing it. Is that way, that thinking, still the best? At one time those cassettes and player/recorder were gold. Now, it may be hard to find someplace to play the tape. We just pull out our phone, go to a website and listen.

As we start this new year, out with the old, in with the new, let’s do some cleaning. Let’s examine the way we live our lives, is it just because I have lived it this way for so many years, or is it because it is the best for the Kingdom. It can be hard. Letting go is hard; but, it may be just the thing that is needed to make room for even better spiritual habits in our walk with Jesus.

Checking my closet



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