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You know blessings are one of those tricky concepts. God told Abraham that he would be blessed, and we see the wonderful things that happened for Abraham as well as the material possessions that he gained in this world. He is truly someone we would say was blessed by God. Then Jesus comes along and talks about being blessed when you are persecuted. Hold it, that seems just the opposite of what Abraham was told. So, this concept can be hard to grasp at times.

So, what does it mean to be blessed by God for us today? I know I would prefer the blessings of Abraham rather than the blessing Jesus talks about. I don’t think those in Afghanistan would be considered more blessed than those of us who live here in the safety and prosperity of this country. Yet, they are the ones persecuted and Jesus said the persecuted are blessed. Jesus was talking about blessings in the spiritual sense, those benefits that transcend beyond this world, rather than the physical advantages and prosperity we have in this life. God gives both types of blessings. Do we recognize them both?

As we spend this week praying for blessings, what do we pray for? I guess the answer is either type or both. We can pray for the conveniences and bounty of this world that we each have in the South Lyon congregation. Maybe it is another person God has put in your life right when you needed them. It could be the nice building that we meet in on cold or rainy days, or a program we have that benefits our members, their kids, or even those who don’t attend here. So, from the physical side let’s focus on some of the wonderful gifts given to the body here and thank God for His favor.

We also need to remember the spiritual aspect of blessings. Maybe pray for more of an eternal focus as we go through struggles. Peace is a spiritual blessing that can not be bought or made by man. Take a day to pray for the blessing we have of being sinless before God because of what Jesus did for us on that cross. Meditate on eternal life after life on this earth is over, and be filled with the blessing of joy as we know there is something better waiting for us. Peace and Joy are so much greater than the physical blessings we enjoy on this earth—they are blessings bought with the blood of Jesus. That is why we can call persecution and other suffering a blessing and can thank God for them, as well.

So as you spend time praying this week, thank God for your blessings. Pray for individuals who are a blessing to you. Pray for activities or programs we have here that may bless you or others. And pray for the eternal blessings, those that we have regardless of what dark road we may be walking down right now. I look forward to focusing on my blessings this week—all of them.

Blessed because of God’s mercy,



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