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Nothing helps you grasp God’s love for His children more than becoming a parent. Here are some thoughts from one of our new mothers as she is beginning this journey called parenthood.

Mother’s Day Thoughts by Hannah Orr

One year ago I began a new journey. On Mother’s Day last year, I found out I was pregnant with the little soul that has become our sweet Vivian. It’s been a year of excitement, exhaustion, anxiety, and joy. It’s also been a year of many firsts.

One of the first occurred last weekend. After two years, Covid finally hit our family. When Vivian developed a high fever, we rushed to the emergency room where we had baby’s first Covid test, baby’s first x-ray, and baby’s first steroid treatment. Thankfully, Vivian bounced back pretty quickly and within a few days, she was fever free and back to her normal happy self, through still extra tried and congested. That moment in the ER was the scariest moment of my life, but it also showed me just how much I’m capable of for my child. I have never been more exhausted in my life than I was during that night, but there was absolutely nothing that could stop me from holding my daughter as she cried and needed comfort. I have hardly left her side since Saturday morning.

We often compare God to a father - a strong, bold protector who loves and takes care of His children with swords of fire, a warrior who solves problems and slays giants. But sometimes we forget that God also acts as a mother - knowing us before we took our first breath, holding us in the quiet moments, protecting us like a mama bear who will stop at absolutely nothing to ensure the safety of her cubs.

Mothers are warriors, protectors, comforters, healers, best friends, and wise counselors. They often get lost in the loud but still have immense power in the quiet. I think that’s a pretty good comparison for our God. So on this Mother’s Day, I’m thankful for my own mother and this baby who made me a mother. But I’m also thankful for my Jesus, who I know looks at me and loves me the same way I love my girl. 💜


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