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There will be times of remembering going on this weekend. Some will gather in New York City, some in Washington DC, and still others in rural Pennsylvania. Some will be gathered around a TV and some even coming together in a particular place. All to remember an event that happened twenty years ago.

There will also be another time of remembering going on this weekend. It will be in buildings all around the world. Some could be around the TV, some will be with a family or a few families gathered together in a home. All will be remembering an event that happened not twenty years ago, but over two thousand years ago.

But what does that remembering mean? To those that have a vested interest in what happened, it means a lot. If they are remembering the loss of a friend or a family member, it means a lot. However, to a vast majority that remembers it is about something that happened to them. Their country was attacked. Individuals lost their lives in the attack and those images will stick with them forever. Yes, it will be remembered.

The other solemn remembrance isn’t about a country or a nation, but a kingdom. It’s a memorial to One from Heaven who came to walk on this earth, One who was righteous and sinless in every way, One who could have walked away, could have called angels from Heaven, could have ended the pain. . .but didn’t. There was a kingdom to establish.

With one event, our country closed down. Air travel was shut down for several days. As we did begin to fly again, things were more restrictive. Think about when you used to say your goodbyes as you would walk the traveler down to where they actually got on the plane. Or you could meet them right as they exited the doorway after they deplaned. Now we say our goodbyes at the curb as the door closes and the car drives off. Things changed and we are more closed off.

The other event brought just the opposite. With it, came an opening. It all started with the temple curtain being torn from top to bottom when Jesus died. Get that? From the top down. It was torn not from the earth, but the heavens. Not by man, but for man. The way was now open to all, not restricted to the religious leader who had to go before God on man’s behalf. Anyone, everyone was welcomed into the presence of God. We should never attempt to close up the opening created by a torn curtain that hung between man and the most holy place of the temple where God resided.

So when you are remembering this weekend, don’t forget to remember what life is all about. Life is fragile. We never know when an event is going to end our life on this earth, but life is also eternal—when we do die, Jesus made a way for us to enter the presence of God.

Taking time to remember,



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