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The Call

When Moses came down from the mountain to the chaos in the camp, he called out for help. The Levites stepped up and answered the call. A young shepherd boy stepped up and answered the call when a very large Philistine was taunting God’s people. Then there is the one we quote the most-when God asks Isaiah "Who will I send to speak to my people?" And the answer: Here am I send me! The need for God’s people to stand up, to step out, and do what needs to be done is nothing new.

I remember the campus minister, Charles, calling me up in front of the auditorium of over 1000 people on the Sunday morning following my baptism. He wanted to introduce me to the congregation and share the decision I had made three days earlier. But I also remember being put on the spot. After I got up there he asked me to share with the congregation what I had shared with him when I was baptized. Well, I remembered sharing a few things so with him, so I leaned over to his ear and whispered what I thought he was thinking. I mean I didn’t want to get this wrong in front of all those people! Yeah, he replied to which I then shared that I realized I was a disciple and it was MY responsibility to also share the gospel and serve others.

You see I had grown up under the idea of the minister was to do everything and everyone else just showed up at times. So, as I opened the scriptures and realized that I also was a disciple and the passages about disciples applied to me as well, it was a sudden realization: Wow, being a disciple is what following Jesus is all about! I know most of those listening probably already knew this, but he wanted me to share, so I did. In retrospect, he wanted me to share it not as a way of informing them but as a way of reminding them of who we are all called to be. Unlike the priesthood of the old law, we are now all priests and partners in the work for our Heavenly Father.

Now, I don’t know of anyone out there worshipping a golden calf or of any giants that need to be slain, and I don’t know if I would call it a direct call from God in the way Isaiah got one. But the need is still there and it falls on each one of us. Who do you know that needs your prayers? Who do you know that is struggling in their walk with God? Who do you know that keeps coming up with reasons to not be here with the body? Who do you know that needs to have that saving grace that our Savior brought to this earth?

There may not be a booming voice from Heaven. There probably won’t be a thud as the giant who is defying our Heavenly Father hits the ground. And I really don’t think we are going to take physical swords throughout our neighborhoods slaying those who worship the idols of today. But there needs to be the same passion, the same commitment, the same desire to step up and step out for God. It may not be easy; in fact, it probably won’t be easy at all. But it needs to be done. And it needs to be done. . . by you.

Here am I send me,



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