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For better than a week I had been looking. I looked through my garage twice. I looked through my basement storage. I moved boxes, shifted items that were sitting on the shelf to make sure I had not overlooked them. Could they be in there? Nah, but I looked anyway because I knew I put them somewhere and I needed to find them. Three or four times I walked by my table saw and kept looking. Then for some reason that I still don’t remember, I happened to look in the bucket sitting on top of my table saw. . . and there they were!

What was a looking for so diligently? Just some bulbs that I needed to plant in the ground. Why was I so intent on finding those bulbs? Because they had a special meaning to me; they were from a guy back in Davenport. I know I have referred to this guy before when I said he could have been a stand in for Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. I’ve never really watched the show, but what little I did see, Ron could have been a stand in, somewhat in looks, but definitely in personality. Ron is memorable both in his commitment to Christ, and in his sharing with a guy living down on the Mississippi River. Ron shared Jesus with this stranger he met while walking by the river and after talking with him, I baptized him in the Mississippi River where he had a small tent set up as his home. Ron is special. So yea, I wanted to find those bulbs.

In Luke 15 Jesus tells three parables about searching--looking for something or someone. The one searching is always symbolic of God and the lost item is us. These three parables show how much we are loved by God and how much He desires to be reunited with us. We could also talk about sparrows or the number of hairs on our head, all indicating the value God places on us. But then why shouldn’t He value us? After all, we are His children. What parent doesn’t value the blessing they have in their children?

As I said, I found the bulbs and immediately planted them in the ground. When they flower each summer, I always think of Ron.

As you walk around next week, notice the different flowers that are blooming. Some for only a short while, others a little later in the summer, still others may show their beauty all summer long. When you see them, think about the bulbs I could not find, how I looked so hard for them, and rejoiced when I found them. Think of why they are special to me. And then think of how special you are to God. Even on the worst of days, the days you may feel like a failure or like giving up, you are valued by God. Remember that you have value! And if you feel lost, know that God is looking for you. . .and He will find you no matter how long it takes.

Valued by God, Randy


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