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Pray for One Another

Prayer Requests

* Prayers for Isaac Cox and Logan Jackson for their recent commitments to Jesus in baptism!  

* Lisa Fedor's mother is having a lot of health issues.
* Kim Hasty will be undergoing chemotherapy.

*Larry Given's grandson who has been hospitalized for several months due to major injuries from a car accident was finally released to go home.  He still has a long recovery ahead--both physically and emotionally.

*Kennedy Duncan is recovering from a slight concussion she received in a volleyball game.

*Family of Sharon Tarrow who passed away. She was a friend of Barb Hammon. 

*Kim Hasty's 23 year old niece is recovering from brain surgery. and will be returning home soon.

*Dan Hammon is in the hospital with congestive heart failure.

*Our efforts to share Jesus with those who don't know Him

*Loved Ones Dealing With Cancer:  Joyce Wright (Joanne Duncan's sister); Ed Parish's brother; Chuck Yurkunas' brother, Bruce; Doris Klein's son, Marc and Rosemary Lee, close friend of Brenda Taulbee

Ongoing Health Issues:

Joyce Black, Jean Jenkinson, Kathy Taulbee, 

Doris Klein, Debbie Hilmer 

If you have a special prayer request or an update, please let us know!

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